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And the Winner of #1DollarOfficeSpace is….

If you didn’t catch the October 10th episode of the Downtown Podcast, aren’t following us on Twitter and don’t like our Facebook page, well then, you may not have heard that we chose TWO winners of #1DollarOfficeSpace. 

Our winners are Record Setter and Computers for a Cause!

Learn more about the winners and why we chose them here

Next Steps

We wanted to update everyone on the next steps for #1DollarOfficeSpace. If you submitted a video, you should have received an email about the next steps.

Right now we are starting to conclude the judging process. The next step will be interviews. Interviews will be scheduled for the week of September 23rd. We will notify entrants early next week to let them know whether or not they have been moved on to the interview round. 

The winner will be notified the second week of October and will be publicly announced on the Downtown Las Vegas Podcast on Thursday, October 10. 

Thank you for your interest in #1DollarOfficeSpace!

Hey, @theglenngroup! We’d love to win the #1dollarofficespace and bring the new home of world records to Holsum Lofts. Fun awaits or we’ll eat our shorts. Thanks for considering us, @coreyh and @snerko by recordsetter http://bit.ly/18Hc4sw

All Applicants Please Respond

Thank you to everyone who applied for #1DollarOfficeSpace. We are enjoying your submissions. While we start the judging process, please send your contact information to info@theglenngroup.com. 

We need:

Contact Name


Phone Number


Because we are night owls and posted our entry at 3:00am I figured i would repost Catch5 Media’s submission for #1DollarOfficeSpace @TheGlennGroup at a time it would actually be seen #NoTimeForSleep by adamrogas http://bit.ly/1cDzh1t

The greatest mobile advertising innovation? Ever? Yes, and it goes by the name OMG Jackpot! #1DollarOfficeSpace @TheGlennGroup by wcnones http://bit.ly/15hmwEP

NP Tech Angels is a team of highly motivated technical “evangelists”. Our Vision is to increase our presence in the community enabling us to “fly” to the aid of our local nonprofits. We provide pro bono technical consultations and installations allowing the organization to better support their mission. #1dollarofficespace will empower us to carry out our mission to support local NP organizations in the ever evolving world of technology.  Thank you @TheGlennGroup for this opportunity. by nptechangels http://bit.ly/17r660f

With a #1DollarOfficeSpace thanks to the @TheGlennGroup Dottie Mag wants to bring fashion to #Vegas! #pickdottie by rachaelcrawley http://bit.ly/198ssmx

#1DollarOfficeSpace @TheGlennGroup Computers for a Cause can start making a positive impact in the Las Vegas community with this opportunity. Help us change the world by ensuring everyone has a chance to Connect, Learn and Innovate by computersforacause http://bit.ly/15opugy

#1dollarofficespace is a huge opportunity for #VXGateway. We are Aussies currently based in Panama City, with a dream to operate from the USA. Our cloud payment framework will make it easier to send and receive money - and even create community banks, transforming anywhere with a VXLoop account and cash on site (schools, hospitals, bars and clubs, mechanics, you name it!) into an ATM. Gone are the days of having to hunt for an ATM, then paying extra if you don’t find YOUR BANK’S. It’s 2013, it’s about damn time things changed - because we live, work, and play in a virtual world. by qolnubd http://bit.ly/1dvvma3